If you are looking to buy your wedding band, the best time to do it is after the engagement. It’s because you both are full of excitement about the upcoming marriage and this romantic feeling can be channeled into a timeless piece of jewelry you will adore.

In terms of wedding bands in Singapore, your options are not limited to the classic yellow gold band. Exciting metals, cuts, stones, and designs define an endless range of possibilities for bridal jewelry. Picking the best wedding bands could feel like a chore since there might be different pieces of jewelry that remind of your love. Wedding bands symbolise the commitment you have made to one other so their design must reflect both of you.

When buying wedding bands, make sure to consider the following:

The Metal

When it comes to jewelry, gold is the classic choice; however, some couples today are expanding beyond the right yellow color. While gold is still a famous pick that blends the richness of precious metal with a cool, neutral, easy-to-match hue that works with stones for all cuts and colors. Wedding bands made of platinum deliver the same finish that white gold and rose gold bands do, adding a hint of blushing warmth to all sizes of settings. Also, some wedding bands are made of mixed metals that  use alternating colors and accent colors.

The Size of the Band

Even flat bands are available in varieties.  Traditionally, wedding bands for men are wider than those for women. However, wedding jewelry can be customized to your liking. After establishing an ideal width, the band’s thickness must also be considered. With thicker wedding bands, you need more space between fingers. Also, the band’s bevel width can contribute to the between-finger fit so try not to discard a design too hastily when it is possible to shape it to your liking.

The Stone

The addition of diamonds, diamond alternatives, and other cut stones can make the design of wedding bands vary. Typically, the stones in wedding bands are smaller and more likely to be flush with the band’s surface, giving more comfortable daily wear. The metal’s width and depth in the wedding band has a direct influence on how feasible embedding cut stones will be. To incorporate cut stones into the wedding band design, buy a setting meant for them. However, you can make some changes to a solid band if necessary.

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