Cow ghee, famous for its liquid golden visuals, is a kitchen essential in Indian households. This golden liquid is clarified butter but is used in curries, dals, and sweets in almost every part of India. One of its purest and healthiest forms is pure Cow ghee. Ghee is made from heating butter until the water content in the butter evaporates and leaves a solid milk form.

A natural cow ghee is made from natural cow butter too. Ghee has been used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine for its medicinal properties. It is also still used in religious yagnas and pujas for the Agni (fire). Now, there are several reasons for you to choose pure cow ghee for your kitchen instead of oil or impure ghee or butter!

Better than Butter

While butter might be a staple in home and is used for making Rotis softer, toasting bread etc, it is ghee that is healthier. Ghee is made by slowly raising temperatures and hence contains more nutrients than butter.

Rich in Vitamins

Ghee is rich in vitamins and contains several of them including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E. These Vitamins help improve hair, skin, and overall health. They generate energy and boost moods too. These nutrients help reduce the chances of heart diseases, eye diseases, cancer, and arthritis.

Ghee can warm you up!

Ghee contains fatty acids and the ability to keep the body warm for long periods. This is one of the main reasons why many Indians consume Ghee during winters and often add it to many sweet and savoury items during the colder months.

Ghee and its tryst with weight loss

While it is commonly believed that Ghee can make people fat, Ghee is an extremely nutrient rich ingredient that can aid in weight loss if you use it smartly. Instead of butter, processed foods and other fatty foods, Ghee is used by many people to gain natural good fats that will nourish the body while also quickening metabolism. Ghee is also known to flush out toxins from the body, hence making the body full of good nutrients.

Skin benefits of Ghee

Other than consuming ghee, it is also widely applied topically onto the skin and gives a lot of skin benefits! Ghee predominantly works as a moisturiser and gives much needed hydration and glow to the skin. It works as a lip balm and lightens and hydrates lips as well. It also makes the overall skin texture softer and smoother too.  It brightens dark spots and reduces age lines and wrinkles.  Ghee also greatly helps hair texture and makes it shiny and smooth.

Which is the best ghee to consume?

Ghee is processed and made differently by different manufacturers, yet, a natural cow ghee product is one of the best ghee products to have. Aashirvaad Svasti Pure Cow Ghee is a natural cow ghee that is made with a SloCook process. This process entails slowly and carefully increasing the temperature while reducing natural butter into ghee. This process takes about three and half hours and hence gives rise to a natural and nutrient-filled ghee that is perfectly granular and golden!

The most popular dishes you can make with ghee are Puranpoli, Carrot halwa, barfis, Khichdi, Pulao etc. Eating one spoon of ghee everyday is commonly known to be one of the simplest and healthiest practices for having a fit lifestyle, so start your Ghee journey today!

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