The sandals with wedge always represented one of the most glamorous trends. Wedges are now the iconic footwear of summer, fully representing the essence of summer, reconciling the desire to wear dizzying heights without necessarily having to give up practicality, thanks above all to the support of comfortable plateaus.

Many women care about having a few inches more height, but not all of them are ready to wear uncomfortable heels. In summer, when comfort is the most important thing, go for platform sandals. Comfort flats for women are worth having in your wardrobe for the summer season. And we will advise you how to wear them!

With which combinations will these shoes look better? Be inspired by the following proposals.

Platform sandals vs wedges

Before we reveal the secrets of wearing such shoes, it is worthwhile to distinguish these two types of lifts used in women’s footwear.

In the wedge sandals, the central part and above all the rear part of the foot is raised, instead in the case of the platforms it also concerns the part of the front foot. The plateau can be flat – in that case the sole has the same thickness over its entire length. However, there are also models, in which the back is higher than the front.

If you’ve ever worn wedge sandals, you’ve no doubt noticed that they optically weigh down the lower part of the silhouette. In the case of plateaus this effect is even more evident.

Therefore, it is the perfect choice for women who have very slim or even thin legs – this way they will look wider, and the silhouette will not be “overwhelmed”. Women with wider tops will look even better – these shoes will balance the proportions perfectly.

The stylist’s advice:

If you want to minimize the optical effect of wider legs, choose the color plateaus of your complexion.

Platform and block heel: a feminine and comfortable combination

Block heel sandals with platform are one of the trendiest choices this season. The famous block heel works wonders when it comes to slimming the legs – that’s why women with large thighs and calves have fallen in love with it.

If, on the other hand, we add the front rise, we get a comfortable and trendy solution for the summer.

To emphasize the feminine character of these shoes you can combine them with a tight summer outfit, consisting of a miniskirt and top with suspenders.

A more daytime proposal is to combine platform sandals with shorts or a denim skirt and a solid color t-shirt.

Aim high

Platform sandals are a type of shoe with which you can create tons of summer outfits. One of them could be pairing minimalist shoes from a simple design to trousers and a printed T-shirt. You can have the color of the shoes match one of the other elements of the wardrobe. You can also take a look on the collection of comfort flats for women by Shoessee.

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