If you’re a new parent, you’re probably looking forward to every new gesture your little one comes up with. From recording your toddler’s first flash of smile to proudly clapping at your baby’s incredible skills of sitting up or crawling – you’re on the edge of your rocking chair, waiting for your little one’s next move.

One of the most anticipated and game-changing milestones might just be approaching soon – taking those first few adorable, wobbly steps. Standing is one sure sign that your little one is entering the toddler zone.

As a parent you probably also want to capture those first steps in your heart (and on video) forever, right? So, let’s take a more in-depth look at all the signs that may suggest your toddler is soon about to stand!

Pulling Up To Stand

This is one sign indicating your little one’s standing readiness. When your baby pulls up on furniture in order to stand, it boosts your baby’s leg muscles, thereby accelerating coordination. Similar to baby squats, these mini-workouts of pulling against the furniture conditions your baby to learn how to stand independently and then move ahead with a few wobbly steps here and there!

You can encourage this further by simply modeling their movements by saying words like, ‘Up!’, every time they pull up and ‘down!’, as they squat down again. Besides this, it is also equally important to understand that you must only use the best natural moisturizer for your baby’s dry skin in order to protect them from irritated skin or rashes.

This not only keeps their skin smooth and supple but also avoids skin irritations to come in the way of their development.

Becoming A Daring Adventurer

In case you catch your sweet little baby suddenly trying to stand on top of the couch, smiling the widest smile and almost ready to nosedive, it might just be a sign that their inner confidence is at its peak!

While this puts you on your guard – and on catcher’s duty, it is definitely a great developmental signal that your baby is now looking forward to learn new things, despite all the risks involved. However, for all the new parents out there, it is important for you to note that in order to encourage your baby to walk independently, your little one must have self-efficacy in their ability to do it.

So, in case you’re accidentally helicopter-momming the process, get a grip on yourself and let your little explorer push their physical abilities in a safe environment.

Cruising Around

There will be times when your little one stands up while holding on to objects. This phenomenon, also known as cruising, clearly shows that your tiny sport is quickly learning how to shift weight and balance while also getting ready to take their first wobbly steps!

So, here’s the important bit: as parents, you must encourage cruising as much as possible by simply creating a safe path of objects for your baby to grab onto and move about. However, it is also essential that you take caution with plants, furniture, or any other items that aren’t safely secured to walls or the ground in order to avoid an accidental fall or injury.

Standing On Their Own

If you’ve ever witnessed the look on a baby’s face when they stand for the first time on their own, it is one of the most satisfying accomplishments for them, with just an ounce of fear. At this very moment, babies successfully manage to balance themselves. They may stand only for a few seconds the first time, but will gradually stand for longer periods of time with a simple boost of confidence.

What’s important is to make it a fun learning activity by slowly counting for as long as your child stands. While standing may seem very simple, for your little one, it is a monumental achievement that takes a lot of physical strength, confidence, encouragement, and most of all, a safe place to practice. Although some of these signs might tell you that your baby is ready to take their first step, each child’s go time may vary.

While your baby is smart enough to achieve this milestone on their own, a supportive coach, like you, certainly wouldn’t hurt, but will only enhance the process! After your baby’s first attempt at standing, you can simply give them a nice, soothing massage with a certified organic coconut oil for newborns in order to soothe their senses and watch them shine!

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