The invention of smartphones seemed to have ended the era of wrist watches. However, that is so not the case. Even though smartphones sufficed the need for a wristwatch, many customers across the world still cannot resist a classy timepiece.

Timepieces are the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and technology, and manifest elegance and sophistication. It is a key accessory that not only becomes the highlight of the attire but also accentuates it. In case you are not very familiar with the benefits of a wristwatch, this article is sure to broaden your knowledge about them.

Buying a wristwatch is often daunting. While selecting the timepiece, you may find yourself in confusion and dilemma. The key to buying the ultimate wrist watch is not to look for one that looks good but rather suits your style and fashion taste. Also, relying on one of the best wrist watch brands in India such as Timex is always an advantage.

When to wear a wrist watch?

Wearing the same wristwatch at all occasions is a major fashion disaster. Most models are specifically designed to suit a specific event. So, you can wear a wristwatch to every occasion if you have the right timepiece for that.


Occasions such as high-end dinners and parties call for a classy and premium wristwatch from the Timex Executive collection like the TWEG16711.


If you are a white-collar worker, something from the Timex Empera section like the TW000K112 will compliment your formal look. Hence, planning beforehand about when and where you are wearing the watch will keep you a step ahead in choosing the style that would befit the occasion. Therefore, when searching best watches for men in India, you must always keep in mind the occasion you are buying it for.

How to wear a watch?

The daunting task does not end with selecting the watch. Your look greatly depends on how you wear the same. In case you are not aware of the unspoken rules of wearing a watch, mentioned below are few tips:

Perfect fit

If the wristwatch is clasped to the wrist or appears to be hanging loose, it will demean the overall attire. A wristwatch should firmly stay and not move along the wrist.

Wear it on the non-dominant hand

Although wearing the wristwatch on your non-dominant hand is a trend, there is logic behind it. Since we use dominant hand most often, chances of bumping it time and again are very high. Hence, scratches will be inevitable.

Now that have gained a clear vision of how, where and when to wear a watch, it’s time to head out in style – wherever you go.

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