Botox treatment is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures. What makes it so great is that you don’t have to worry about making any changes to your everyday routine before undergoing the treatment. In case you bruise easily or are looking to minimize the possibility of bruising, then try to avoid consuming aspirin or any other medication that contains aspirin as a precautionary step. Aspirin and medications which contain it are most likely to cause bruising after undergoing Botox treatment. Here is how you can prepare for your botox treatment.

What should you expect before undergoing the procedure?

The powder is diluted in a saline solution to be able to administer botulinum toxin. After that, it is directly injected into the neuromuscular tissue or the muscle. The needles which are used for the treatment are very small, often causing minimal to almost no pain. To avoid or diminish the chances of pain completely, you could use a topical numbing cream or use an ice pack for about 10-30 minutes before undergoing the treatment. These steps will help you to not feel any pain at all when the needle is injected.

What should you expect after having undergone the procedure?

There might be slight redness and swelling immediately after the procedure. Most of the times patients don’t experience any kind of side effects or pain after the treatment. Post-treatment information and advice will be provided to you to ensure the best results. Following is a timeline from the beginning to a 3 to 4-month mark, of what you can expect after having undergone the treatment.

After one day: the majority of the patients don’t experience any symptoms or side effects of having undergone the procedure. Some patients might experience minor bruising, but there is nothing in it to worry about. In case, bruising happens it can be relieved with the help of arnica cream and be easily covered with the help of makeup. There is no noticeable difference after the first day of your treatment. 

After one week: the botox treatment is in full swing by now and you are likely to see the effects of it. Your skin will start to look more smooth and refreshed. The wrinkles would have diminished in that area. If this is the first time that you’ve undergone the procedure, then the feeling of tightness or heaviness is normal. This feeling would go away on its own within seven to fourteen days after the treatment.

After one month: the results of your botox treatment would be in full effect. Some patients might even experience some mounts of movement return to the area which was treated. It is crucial that you remember that this varies depending upon the area which was treated and the patient.

After three to four months: around this time the movement in the treated area might start to return. It is recommended that you should book another appointment for the treatment.

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