Although parents may constantly be moaning about their teenagers and feeling nostalgic for the days when their children were just kids, there are many reasons why parenting a teen may well become the best stage of parenthood, and this guide will explore just a few of them.

They Have Independence

Parenting a younger child often means that you have to be completely at their beck and call, and they may rely on you to do most things for them. However, as your teen becomes more and more independent, you will usually simply live alongside them, and they will be able to do most activities for themselves. They will have their own lives to lead, and you will be able to develop a new routine that allows you to both spend time together and enjoy your own hobbies and activities apart from each other. However, you should still make sure that you regularly communicate with them.

Spending Time Together

Not only this but spending time with a teen is often more enjoyable than spending time with a child, as, instead of running around after them, you will simply be able to sit back and enjoy their company. Your teen will be able to engage in the conversation and will have their own stories to tell, as well as being able to join in the stories that you are telling – and even give you advice! As such, your teen can quickly become a great companion for you to have, and you will often find yourself growing closer to them as they get older. There are also many fun activities that you can do with your teen that you cannot do with a younger child, from traveling the world to going on a day trip to an adventure park.

Seeing Them Grow

One of the most wonderful aspects of parenting a teenager is watching them grow and change, as well as reach the major milestones of coming of age, such as having their first relationship, leaving high school, and even starting college or getting their first job. This can be exciting as a parent, and it can be a joyous experience guiding them through these experiences and seeing them enjoy the events that you once did. As such, if you think that you are ready to bring a teenager into your life and watch them flourish, you should consider fostering a teenager through foster care agencies near you.

See The World in a New Light

As your child grows into a teen, though, they may begin to open up your mind and allow you to see new and modern perspectives of the world, especially when it comes to important societal issues, such as climate change. They can help you to see and hear what is going on in the world today and stay up to date and can ensure that you can have a constantly changing mindset that can allow you to grow as a person alongside them. Seeing the world through their eyes can allow you to fall in love with it again.

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