Nowadays, typically the most popular soap opera, Gossip Girl, brings a way trend in our midst, particularly in teenagers. Many of them want to copy the primary figures from the series from dress, makeup, food, and so forth. But, many people hold from this view. Could it be really essential for us to decorate just like a superstar in daily existence? Based on an analysis about this subject in 100 people, 10% is positive, 15% is neutral, yet others are negative. For me, I’m within the 15%’s.

Even though some countries, companies in addition to people are still battling within the chain influence brought on by financial crisis began within the 2007, the majority of countries’ economy has returned to stable as well as begin to improving. It enables citizens to pay for a little luxury, like watches, footwear, and purses. But that appropriate stimulation to consumption can promote economy recovery. Take China as example, the typical consumption rate of individuals in dressing is 3.5% greater than this past year throughout the golden week of National Day. And also the average earnings rate from the mall is 5.9% greater.

Besides, beautiful clothes or brand accessories might help us build confidence and establish perfect image. Dress not just safeguard us against cold but demonstrates our inner cultivation in certain aspects. Many entertainment newspapers prefer to publish stars’ photos within their daily existence. Several photos are attractive and adorable. But, many will undermine the stars’ status, which show they’re in normal dress rather of brands.

However, we’re not asked to pursuit brands, specifically for teenagers. As Gossip Girl gets hot, quit a couple of students now prefer to compare their dress, jewels and purses with one another. I do not believe it is essential for a higher school student to decorate just like a superstar given that they do not have much earnings. When they put more focus on the look of them instead of study, just how can they’ve created a vibrant future after graduating from senior high school? In spite of can’t effectively enter the school, they’re wasting their parents’ money.

But, I believe the mother and father must take some responsibility within this money-worship phenomenon. The spending cash of highschool students is limitation. Just how can they suppose to purchase brand clothes and bags one at a time, like Funnel, Armani? I suppose the reply is they ask their parents to purchase for them. This spoiling encourages teenagers’ comparison in material.

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