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Most parents find themselves in dire straits over the fussy eating behaviour of their kids almost always. From buying the highest-quality 12-month baby food to preparing wholesome dishes for kids, parents try to ensure good health of their children in every way possible. And, when kids reject their efforts in a single go – it becomes downright frustrating!

Even after keeping nose to the grindstone, most parents fail to discover that mantra which can actually help the situation and make life easy for them. What goes wrong, you may ask? Well, the first thing that you need to have the utmost clarity about is that – Fussy eating behaviour is quite natural among kids. Your little one is exploring the food landscape and technically speaking, there is nothing wrong about it. However, there are various aspects to every situation and fussy eating behaviour of your kid isn’t an exception.

The problem arises when not-so-healthy foods make their standing more prominent in your children’s palate owing to their fussy eating habits. This is one of the reasons why parents are so stressed about it. And, we are definitely with parents on this! That’s why we are all set to give you some mindfully curated tasty yet healthy lunch box ideas for your little fussy ones.

Our goal here is to provide our kids with some super-creative healthy lunch box dishes that they can’t possibly reject.

Let’s dive in straight:

  • Ragi Pasta

Almost every kid loves pasta, no questions about it! However, pasta made with plain starchy ingredients is not good for your kid’s health. The question now arises – how to make pasta nutritious for your kids without compromising on the taste quotient. This is where Pasta made with organic wholesome ingredients like Ragi comes into play. You just need to bundle up yourself for this tasty yet healthy preparation, so your fussy one doesn’t have the option to say NO.

What all go in the preparation of Ragi Pasta?

Get dried organic ragi pasta and start cooking it like you normally do. Add a small amount of oil along with some oregano to get that awesome flavour. If you want, you can also add other dry herbs to this besides some garlic powder. Let it settle down a bit. Now come the pizza specials – cheese, olives, mushrooms and maybe pepperoni too. You can also add other veggies to the mixture as well to make it healthier.

It’s ready to make its way to your kid’s lunch box. You can also freeze it for further usage.

  • Millet Dosa

Healthy as it sounds, millet dosa is something that will perfectly suit your kid’s taste buds. Simple and easy, it can be prepared in less than 10 minutes!

What all go in the preparation of Millet Dosa?

If you are having a hard time in understanding how millet dosa is prepared in just less than 10 minutes, then we would love to introduce you to Slurrp Farm’s Millet Dosa mixtures that are available in two flavours – beetroot and spinach.

To make these amazing colourful dosas for your kid’s lunch box, you just need to prepare a batter using the ready-to-prepare dosa mix. Once you are done with batter preparation, keep it aside for a few minutes. Warm the pan and spread the better using a little oil.

The healthy, colourful dosas for your kid’s lunch box are ready!

  • Veggie Frittatas

Super-delicious and healthy, these frittatas will make your kid’s day! No matter how you serve them, hot or cold, your kids will love them totally. Moreover, they are freezer friendly and don’t demand much effort from your side.

What all go in the preparation of Veggie Frittatas?

Start by preheating the oven. Take a muffin pan with 6 or 12 holes and grease it with a little oil. Now come the eggs. Whisk them along with other ingredients including soy sauce, corn and other veggies of your kid’s choice. Continue whisking until the mixture becomes fluffy. Pour this mixture carefully onto the muffin pan. Bake it for 15 minutes and let it cool down.

Pack your kid’s lunch box with veggie frittatas and brace yourself for some hearty words of praise from your sweetheart’s mouth and may be a hug too!

If your kid loves snacks, you can also pack organic multigrain puffs along with his lunch and make his day even more fun!

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