With children juggling so many activities these days, there is a need for optimum nutrition to keep them going. A simple and fuss-free option would be to choose the best health drink for your child, fortified with all the vital nutrients.

Health drinks are the best beverage that can be had as fillers and also go with any meal of the day. Simply mix with milk or water and you have a nutrient-rich drink that your little one will love.

Choosing the Best Health Drink for Children

A good health drink supports growth and also works as an immune booster for kids. There are some simple thumb rules to follow when choosing a health drink for your child:

  • Pay attention to the primary ingredient: The primary ingredients are the base of the health drink. There are usually two options — malt-based health drinks and milk-based health drinks. While the former is made using barley or wheat, the latter is made using milk solids or skimmed milk powder. If your child is allergic to gluten, a milk-based option is the best health drink for kids. If your child is lactose intolerant, a malt-based option is chosen.
  • Choose a drink based on the sugar content: The consumption of free sugar should not be more than 10% of the daily required calorie intake of your child. You can consult a doctor to find out how many calories your child needs each day. The sugar content of the drink is not determined only by the ‘Added Sugar’ level. There are other contents that are called hidden sugars. This includes corn solids, maltodextrin, liquid glucose, glucose syrup, and sucrose.
  • Check the nutrients in the drink: It is not enough to choose a kids protein shake. There are other nutrients that the child’s drink must include, such as DHA, vitamins, and calcium. With a drink like Gritzo SUPER MILK, you get the advantage of a scientifically-backed formula that ensures that your child gets all the nutrients based on his or her age.
  • Always check the label: One simple thing to remember is that the number of nutrients on the label should be limited. The fewer the ingredients, the better. In addition to this, if you notice several ingredients that have a name that is hard to pronounce, it is best to avoid the drink. This indicates the inclusion of chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to your child.

Do Children Need Health Drinks?

It is reassuring to find the best health drink for your child as it supplements the diet adequately.

Here are some reasons why your kid would benefit from a health drink:

  • Health drinks make up for any nutritional gaps in your child’s diet. It is a single source of a balanced concentration of the necessary nutrients.
  • A Kids protein shake is ideal for active kids to help them recover from daily fatigue and perform to their best abilities.
  • Vitamins in children’s drinks include Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Vitamin B that help strengthen bones and also act as immune boosters for kids.
  • Health drinks improve the quality of your child’s muscles and help with healthy development.
  • Omega-3 in these health drinks improves your child’s cognitive abilities and makes them sharper.
  • Calcium is an important ingredient in most health drinks. It improves the value of milk and makes it more nutritious.

When Should You Give Your Child a Health Drink?

A health drink like Gritzo’s SUPER MILK can be consumed anytime through the day. But for best results, it is recommended that you give your child a health drink:

  • In the morning: Supplement your child’s breakfast with a health drink for a balanced meal.
  • In between meals: The best option to satisfy 4 pm hunger pangs is to give your child a healthy drink.
  • Post-activity: Be it sports, a dance class or long hours of studying, a good health drink is the best way to keep your little one going.

For best results, health drinks should be included as part of a healthy diet which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and more. Health drinks are great accompaniments to meals. However, you must not consider them a replacement for any meal during the day.

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