Being in love with a fussy girl has its ups and downs. But the important thing that matters is that she is your best friend, partner in crime, and the one to whom you can pour your heart out. She has been a constant support and you see an amazing future wifey in her! They are hard to surprise with oh-so-traditional gifts and something unique and thoughtful will do the magic. It’s her birthday around and you want to present her with the perfect gifts that will bring a graceful smile on her face. To help you out in choosing the unique and thoughtful gifts for your fussy girlfriend, we have laid down some of the gifts that are guaranteed to get the job done!

Chocolicious Bouquet

A classic bouquet full of blooming blooms sounds boring to your girlfriend? Well, a more delicious alternative is a bouquet filled with yummilicious chocolates. You know the chocolates that she loves, right? Get all her favorite chocolates arranged in the bouquet and present it to her with a romantic message card or greeting card wishing her the very best for another amazing year ahead!


Don’t be in the delusion that smartwatches are loved only by the boys, because that’s where you are wrong my friend! An amazing range of smartwatches for girls is out there with all cool features like heart-rate monitoring, sleep tracking, steps tracking, mobile bluetooth connectivity, and many more. Get her a smartwatch in a really beautiful design and colour that will suit perfectly on her wrist.

Lip-smacking Cake

A cake is a must for birthday celebrations and while she expects something more than a regular round shaped cake, here is the opportunity for you. Get her a designer cake like Barbie cake, Makeup cake, iPhone cake, Handbag cake, etc. or a picture perfect photo cake with her charming photograph on the top of the cake. It will surely fill her with joy and she will love your delicious gesture.

Explosion Box

A box full of memories? Surely an addition to her special gifts of all time. Design this box at home or get one designed from a professional. All you need is some fabulous photographs of your girlfriend and a little bit of your craft skills. In an empty box, place the photographs inside it and decorate it with crafty materials. Present it to her and let her unbox the ultimate happiness.

Concert Tickets

You know the list of her favorite music artists or bands and if any of them is organising a concert, then buy the tickets for that concert. Let her know that you remember all her choices by taking her to the concert. Have some great and fun time with her and capture the best photographs in the concert.

So, these are the perfect birthday giftsfor girlfriend! According to your girlfriend’s preferences that obviously you know better, buy her the best birthday gifts and make her day extra special.

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