Heirlooms are valuable representations of your family. If an item holds a special sentiment, it can be passed down to the family. Unfortunately, not all families want to continue this tradition, which can lead to heirlooms being disposed of or donated.

Having a family heirloom also comes with the responsibility of keeping it in good condition. It can come in various forms and sizes, from small brooches to large oak cabinets.

Worry not, as heirloom maintenance can be easy if you know what to do. Here are a few common types of heirlooms and various ways you can maintain them.


These are items whose value only increases as time goes by. While it remains untouched more often than not, you should occasionally take it to be inspected by a professional. It can suffer damage due to humidity and natural deterioration.

Old timepieces can suffer from a few problems. If the hand has stopped moving, pocket watches can be rewound, or watch batteries can be replaced. In the cases of watches, if the hand is skipping, then the battery needs to be replaced as well.

Jewelry loses its shine over time. Gems will get cloudy, and metals can get rusty. Avoid doing home remedies you usually do for the jewelry you’ve frequently been using. It’s best to take it to an expert in jewelry repair in Utah to get it evaluated and restored.


Furniture made of wood is durable and long-lasting, which is why they are also made into family heirlooms. While furniture, such as tables and shelves, can accommodate bulky items, be careful when moving houses as they can get severely damaged when dropped.

Maintaining your furniture is easy if you have a cleaning routine. Clean it thoroughly by wiping the nooks and crannies. If the finish hasn’t deteriorated, you can use water to clean it as long as you dry it immediately. On occasion, apply wax to restore its finish.

Consider the placement of your furniture inside your home. Make sure that it is far from any heat-generating appliances and keep it from being exposed to direct sunlight. The humidity of the room it is in should be kept between 40% to 60% to avoid causing sudden cracks.


Good food is one of the things that will stay in your memories forever. Recipes are special in that way. Eating food made from a recipe can bring back a pleasant recollection when times felt simpler and happier.

If your family has been cooking for the past generations, considering compiling your heirloom recipes in a cookbook. This will help you reorganize them and give you a chance to look back at what your ancestors have created in the past.

To help future generations learn about the recipes, cook some for the family once in a while. This will make it easier for them to memorize. It also gives you the chance to make more fond memories of your own.

Musical Instruments

If your family has been musically inclined for the past generations, musical instruments might be your family heirloom. It can be various sizes, from the grand piano to the small harmonica.

Taking care of a piano is similar to wood furniture maintenance. Store it in a place that has a 40% humidity level and keep it in a room that is neither too hot nor too cold. You don’t need to coat it regularly with polish.

Pay attention to the pedals and keys, and be alert for any problems. If you have a hard time pressing the keys, there might be dust stuck in between the keys. Squeaky pedals can mean faulty machinery, which might need a visit to the repair shop.

Heirlooms are unique objects that carry so much meaning to you and your ancestors. Keep them safe and undamaged to continue the long history that it represents.

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