Whenever you put beautiful women and handsome guys in a single show, and provide it a pinch (a variety of it) of sex and underage consuming within the mix, the offer is sealed. You receive the main show within the primetime TV, Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl casts happen to be making noise due to their risqué roles within the show. The information by itself has already been a guaranteed element that got everybody totally hooked on the teenager drama. Furthermore, the racy advertising campaign that CW released for GG’s second season tremendously elevated its ratings and propelled the stars’ career. Contributing to this colossal controversies would be the rumors surrounding Gossip Girl cast people off screen.

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley’s Steamy Photos in Mexico

Their chemistry within the show is intense. It had been no surprise when rumors a good off screen romance backward and forward youthful stars arrived on the scene. Bladgley finally confirmed rumors when US Magazine printed paparazzi photos of the escapade in Mexico. The pictures demonstrated them kissing and making in a resort within the stated place.

Erectile dysfunction Westwick’s Snog with Came Barrymore

Erectile dysfunction Westwick and Came Barrymore were spotted sucking faces inside a bar. Rumors about Westwick being Barrymore’s newest boy toy spread like wild fire. However, it had been alleged the two faked the snog upon seeing your camera. They stated it had become only a trick to fool the paparazzis, which there’s certainly nothing happening between your them apart from being buddies.

Another Erectile dysfunction Westwick Scandal

Erectile dysfunction Westwick may be the target of plenty of scandals nowadays, which time, it’s without any under co-star, Chace Crawford. Alleged gay relationship backward and forward leaked the same time frame their photobucket photos were unlawfully released online. The photos demonstrated the 2 actors driniking and frolicking around with buddies. Some pictures of these two featured all of them with arms around one another using their bare-chest. What put into the fireplace is always that Crawford and Westwick reside in one pad.

The 2 actors just chuckled concerning the rumor and denied all allegations.

Chace Crawford’s Ladies

Chace continues to be rumored with probably the most beautiful women within the industry beginning served by Carrie Underwood. The youthful country diva apparently didn’t only grab an Idol, however a Gossip boy, too. However, the connection didn’t last lengthy as Carrie Underwood confirmed the split up saying, “The split up is performed, and we’re both happy, now”.

Other actresses happen to be associated with this hunk including a couple of his co-stars, Michelle Trachtenberg and Taylor Momsen.

Taylor Momsen

Her rail-thin appearance made her an immediate target of anorexia controversies. Momsen, however, denied the rumors. “I’m naturally thin…and i’m tall. Good genes,” responded the 15-years old star.

Her recent hospitalization scare also compounded the rumors of the eating disorders and cocaine addiction. Momsen’s camp defended the youthful actress by releasing the official statement stating that the hospitalization was as a result of existence-threatening throat infection, and anorexia is not related to it.

The Casts Amongst Controversies

Bad publicity continues to be publicity. Regardless of how jarring or shallow these rumors are, Gossip Girl hasn’t wavered in rigging in additional viewers. Actually, they are most likely why the show continues to be in place within the ratings scale. Amongst all headline-making controversies, Gossip Girl casts still still rule primetime TV toppling the towers of other teen-oriented soaps.

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