The environment you create at home has a huge impact on how well a child does at school. The classroom and your home are connected and if something is going wrong at home, it usually shows in school. The good news is that every child’s potential can be reached with just a few small adjustments. Here are some ways to help your child do better at school.

  1. Dealing with Failure

They will not achieve everything they set out to achieve and sometimes things will end in disaster. A child needs to learn this lesson to ensure they can move on from failure and not dwell on it. To get better at a skill they will need to practice, but along the way, they will fail. The important thing to teach them is that failure is a part of learning, and it teaches you how to move on.

  1. Enjoy Learning

Many students struggle to learn, but in some of the best learning institutions in Thailand, a Bangkok International School will have student resources available to help them manage in the classroom. Good quality resources like this are not available to everyone as not all of us can send out kids to private schools. An easy way to help kids in school is to make learning more fun. Instead of doing it the traditional way, why not think outside the box and make the subject enjoyable?

  1. Make Subjects Relevant to Everyday Life

Many kids struggle to reach their full potential in school because they do not see how some of the subjects they must study are relevant to their everyday lives. If they think they will never use a certain subject when they leave school, they are less likely to take an interest in it. Some subjects are branded in their heads as something they must study to do well.

There are many ways to make subjects more relevant. Here is a good example of a strategy you can use. When travelling, get your child to read the map (Geography) and when you see a street sign in another language (Language skills) have them translate and learn the new word.

Your child will only reach their full potential with your support and understanding. Although it is difficult to make time for them with work and household responsibilities, it is important to try home strategies that help your child do well at school.

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