We have all heard about the famous saying, “Better safe than sorry.” This is of utmost importance, especially while you are having sex. Nobody wants an unplanned pregnancy, especially when you are not married. So it is always wiser to be cautious and careful while having sex, which is where the condom comes to the rescue.

This article will discuss how to wear a condom and various mistakes to avoid while using a condom.

The first step to wear a condom requires you to open the pack from one side, making sure you don’t tear the condom. Make sure that the rolled outer edge faces up when you put it on. Once you wear the condom, make sure to squeeze out the air. You should also be careful not to rupture it with your nails. Always knot it and dispose of it safely after you have used it.

Now let us come to the mistakes that we should avoid while using a condom.

  1. You are using a condom that is not appropriate for the size of your penis

Penises come in all shapes and sizes. Since the whole point of wearing a condom is to make a barrier, be sure you are using the right size. A condom that is smaller than your penis might tear away easily. The opposite can also happen. If you are wearing a condom that is too big for your size, it can fall off easily, thus failing to provide the protection needed.

  1. You are keeping your condom in your wallet

Never keep your condom in your wallet. Constant friction with the notes and coins in your wallet might cause it to lose its protective benefit.

  1. You are using the same condom more than once

Never reuse a condom as it can lead to serious sexual diseases ranging from STDs to genital infection.

  1. You are using an expired condom

An expired condom can never provide the desired protection. Since some condoms come with spermicide or other ingredients, they become ineffective after a point of time. Hence it is advised not to use a condom with an expired date.

  1. You are wearing it incorrectly

Always make sure that you have the rolled edge facing out.

  1. You wear the condom too long

After you have finished having sex, you should immediately dispose of it. Wearing it too long might cause the sperm to leak from the base while you are still snuggling after sex.

  1. Absence of lubrication

If your partner is not lubricated enough, then fiction might cause the condom to rupture, thus destroying the purpose of wearing it.

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