Fukuoka is the most populous city on the island of Kyushu. It hosts millions of tourists every year due to the many tourist attractions and people’s culture and history. As you get to anywhere new to you, there must be factors that you ought to consider and figure out.

One of the things you need to learn even before you get to your destination is how you will navigate to the place, and visiting around. In this article, I will discuss ways to navigate to and around Fukuoka. Let’s start with the methods of getting into Fukuoka which are;


The fastest means of transport, meaning it is the fastest means to get to Fukuoka. You can travel by plane to Fukuoka as there is Fukuoka airport in the location. The airport is busy with many arrivals and departures, and it is a means you can opt to use.

If you are from Hong Kong, you can choose to travel with Cathay Pacific with a fare of about HKD 3,505. The trip takes about 6 hours, 4 minutes. If you are in a hurry, the plane is the best option for getting into Fukuoka.


Considering that Fukuoka is a city found in Kyushu island traveling by ferry is also an option. Traveling with a ferry takes long; for example, if you take a ferry from Tokyo to Shin-Moji port, you will take about 34 hours.

You may find that many people are using the ferry to travel to the island; therefore, you should book a place for yourself. Since it is a long trip, you should reserve your space to be comfortable during the journey.


You can access Fukuoka by bus from areas such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. For example, in Tokyo, you can get a night bus from Shinjuku bus terminal that goes directly to Fukuoka.

If you opt for a bus, get ready for a long journey as a trip from Tokyo to Fukuoka takes about fourteen hours. The price range of getting from Tokyo to your destination is 10,000-20,000 yen. The price depends on the quality of the seat and the season.

Important tip

If you want to get to Fukuoka, it is not a must that you use the same means of transport, and you can combine all of them. You can start the journey by using the train to help you reach a certain place, and then take a ferry or a plane to get to Fukuoka, so do not be rigid.

Once you figure out your way into the city, the next question to answer is how to navigate, get to tourist attraction sites, and other places. Transport is easy in the area, and you can use the following means of travel;

100-Yen Bus

With a 100 yen, you can get the 100-yen bus to get to major areas in the city such as Hakata, Nakasu, or Tenjin. The fare is fixed, no matter where you will take your stop. It is easy to spot a bus stop, or a bus that is of this description because it has a mark written 100 yen.

You have to be aware, that the roads in Fukuoka are affected by traffic, so ensure that you have time to spare when taking the bus. The 100-yen bus offers a means of transport, which is convenient and cheap; therefore, consider taking it when you get to Fukuoka.

Nishitetsu services

The railway company has significantly contributed to easy travels in the city. The company has plenty of trains, and they are best for visiting Dazaifu. Using the train is helpful because it cuts on time since there is no congestion.

The railway company does not only have trains, but they also own buses that transport people around the city. The coaches are convenient for going to places such as Hakata, Tenjin, Marinoa (Kyushu’s largest outlet mall), and Yahuoku! Dome (center for sports events and concerts).

Fukuoka subway

If you use air as a means of travel, you will land at Fukuoka airport. After you get from the airport, the most accessible subway that will help navigate Fukuoka, is the Fukuoka subway. You can use it to get to Hakata station, Nakasu, and Tenjin.

The airport is centrally placed in the city, and with the Fukuoka subway, you can get to Hakata station, which is the main station within five minutes. There is no reason why you should not travel using the subway after you alight from the airport.

JR Lines

As much as I am teaching how to navigate the city, there is another important means of transport that can get you out of the city and help you travel around Fukuoka prefecture. I am talking about the JR lines, which is ideal for trips out of the town.

You can also visit Moji port with the JR lines. The JR lines are ideal for places that Nishitetsu buses, and trains cannot take you. The city is beautiful but, there are other places outside the city you can visit, and make your stay much better.


I have gone through the means of travel that will take from one area of the city to another. To be honest, traveling with buses, and trains is quite normal, and it provides no excitement to the passengers.

To get some relaxation while getting to short-distance areas in the city, you can use a velotaxi. It is manually-driven, but fun to travel with, and you can get a velotaxi as you go to do some shopping, or running an errand.

Bottom Line

Fukuoka is an excellent tourist destination, and you should book a flight, and get there. It is a place with a rich history, and culture. Navigating the area is made easy by the many trains, and buses that they have. Do not forget to use the velotaxi to get a new, and fun experience. Learn all the ways to get around there before reaching the place to improve your stay.

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