Many variables contribute to the overall success of a retail marijuana dispensary. Two of the essential factors of running a marijuana dispensary are the ability to attract new customers and the ability to convert those leads into returning customers.

Returning customers are the type of customers who have used your services before and will bring their friends to show how knowledgeable they are about your products and may even act as your social media defender once they have read some negative feedback about your brand.

Also, it’s cheaper and easier to retain a customer than to have a new one. Notably, in the marijuana industry, where marketing is highly mandated by law, it has become more difficult for every company to advertise their product. Besides, it’s more natural to invest your advertising budget into gaining new customers and utilize it next to create effective strategies to serve better customer experience. When it comes to better customer experience, it should be a memorable one, which makes the customers overly excited about their next shop visit.

In today’s article, there are some essential tips to boost your customer retention in your Marijuana Dispensary in California. Below are the following useful methods to establish a profitable lifetime customer for your marijuana business.

Establish Customer Loyalty Programs and Perks

You can create customer loyalty programs to convert your first-time customer to a returning one. Moreover, dispensaries usually spend a lot of expenses to acquire new customers, and most of the time, they offer high-value deals for first-time customers.

To put it simply, here’s a metaphor that describes the flow of the process. To establish a successful customer loyalty program, think about the program like a copywriter thinks about for an article. For example, in copywriting, all writers have one goal they need to achieve; to excite and attract the readers to read the next line up to the last line of the article.

It’s not a terrible idea if you want to invest in gaining new customers by giving them incentives on their first visit (such as discounts, promotions, and so on.) However, if you establish an excellent loyalty program that can interest every customer to return, it will serve as your stepping stone to drive repeat business with them.

You may use a referral program that can give your current customers an incentive once they brought a new customer for your brand. Aside from bringing new customers, if your current customers bring additional friends also to join the loyalty program, they also deserve to get an extra token of appreciation like a discount on their next purchase. Doing this can make a significant change in your current sales.

Beyond the benefits of establishing a repeat business, loyalty programs also help to increase your customer’s list. So, don’t forget to get their email address or phone number to create a channel to inform them about some promotions, events, good deals, discounts, pop-ups, and whatever it is to lure your customers to return.

Always Give an Unforgettable Customer Experience

To retain and make your customers a returning business, you need to give something that they can look forward to. One of the most effective ways to boost customer retention is to provide an excellent and unforgettable customer experience in marijuana dispensaries.

Moreover, the perfect way to retain your customers is to establish a customer experience that is unique and superior to your competitors. Generally, a marijuana dispensary should not necessarily look like a famous gadget brand to be popular and successful. Still, whatever your brand is, you need to own it as you mean it.

With that being said, having a large, strong guard standing in the waiting room, with a security camera, foldable chairs, and dull-looking white walls isn’t a good look for your marijuana business. You’re going to scare your customers away!

Visiting a dispensary, especially for first-timers, can be intimidating; that’s why a dispensary should need to make their first-time transaction a magical and frictionless as much as possible. Besides, there are now modern and technological approaches to achieve the same level of security, even without having an armed guard in the waiting room.

Nowadays, customers are curious to know if they are dealing with professionals who understand what they are doing. By this, customers want to give them their trust in your brand. It’s a method of increasing your customer retention by utilizing digital displays in-store.

You may use a digital menu for the dispensary or show high-quality video clips on the waiting room’s TV for your product advertisements, or you can highlight your new products using a reel of ads.

Also, the menu provides your customer’s information and gives additional time for your budtenders. Besides, the display offers your budtenders a chance to talk about the importance and benefits of your marijuana products, as well as allowing them to promote your in-store deals and promotions for first-time and current customers.

Make It More Personal

Choosing the appropriate marijuana products can be a daunting experience, especially for the first-timers. Moreover, a customer will return to a dispensary if the product helps them to reduce and lessen their anxiety and establish an excellent experience.

Moreover, if the customers are not aware of the differences of some products like Sativa and Indica strains, it can be hard for them to figure out the products they are looking for without budtender assistance. Aside from the Sativa and Indica, there are more strains, vapes, CBD, edibles, and other marijuana products that can overwhelm their choices.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to make it more personal for the budtenders to provide attention to their customers as much as possible. A budtender should be able to spend time to have a genuine interaction with the customers.

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