Getting quality weed can be nerve-racking, especially when you enter a weed shop with a massive collection of products. Price, THC, and strain name would only help narrow down your options; they don’t guarantee quality. Funny enough, it can even be more challenging when you choose to buy weed online from the numerous online dispensary in Canada here.

To solve this problem, let’s take a look into the characteristics that define quality weed.

High THC Might Not Mean Quality

Quality weed is characterized not just by THC but by a complex arrangement of terpenes and cannabinoids. This intricate composition of compounds and elements is called the entourage effect. This effect is what produces that result of an enjoyable high. An incompletely composed flower lacking multiplicity in terpenes and cannabinoids will only have a one-dimensional experience that is short-lived.

For instance, you come across a 23% eight purple punch for $25 and another same THC percentage for $50. The difference could be the other compounds that are not THC, which are not visible on the labels. But how do you know when they are not written on the label? We’ll touch on that in the next paragraph. There are several other ways to determine if the product is of high-quality asides from the label.

How to Know Quality Weed

Its Smell: Should you be buying from an area where you can smell flower before it is packaged, that’s your advantage. This is the best way to recognize the terpene profile in the product. Quality weed should have a very pungent aroma; the stronger the aroma, the more the terpenes present.

The Ripeness And Health Of The Trichome: a perfect trichome should look around milky white in color, and a very good plant should be covered with them. Clear trichomes indicate that the plant was harvested before maturity. On the other hand,  a brownish trichome shows the plant was not harvested early enough. A ripe trichome is an indication that the flower is at its peak.

Harvest Date:Should you need to buy weed online, be sure to ask about the harvest date as you don’t have the advantage of smell and sight. Cannabis degrades over time; although proper storage can delay this process, it can never stop the process altogether. During degradation, the combination of elements responsible for the entourage effect gradually depletes with time. So by checking harvest time, you’ll be sure you can still get value for your money.

Some online dispensaries in Canada should be willing to detail when the harvest is carried out. For physical stores, you are likely to find the harvest date on the product label; if not, ask.

Lastly, the shipping and handling process is a significant factor that affects the quality of weed. It is advisable to buy your flower in a jar, as jars have a neutral charge or effect on the products they contain. Also, quality weed is dried and cured, allowing your flower to be tasty, smooth, and free from mold. Quality gives you your money’s value!

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