When it comes to transforming an outfit, many people like to accessorize with various items. It might be a flashy pair of sunglasses or colorful scarf, or it could be with a fabulous pair of killer heels. Nevertheless, many of us use jewelry to make our clothing choices more unique and to convey something of our personalities. Some of us do this subconsciously and our choice of jewelry just reflects the type of personality that we have; others deliberately choose their jewelry to make a statement.

The History of Jewelry

Humans have been wearing jewelry since the dawn of time, and although they may not have started wearing precious gems or metals, evidence shows that they wore things like bones, feathers, pebbles, and shells around their necks. According to the International Gem Society (IGS), the earliest evidence of jewelry dates back 25,000 years to a necklace made of fishbones that was found in a Monaco cave. Although we do not know the reason for this necklace, we do know that throughout time, people have been wearing jewelry for lots of different reasons.

In some civilizations, jewelry was worn to protect people from illnesses and bad luck. Hunter gatherers are believed to have worn trophies from the hunt, such as claws, bones, and teeth. In later times, jewelry was worn to signify wealth.

Today, people wear jewelry for other reasons. Yes, many still do wear expensive items such as diamond rings or well-known watches to show off their wealth, but others use their jewelry to make statements.

For example, a person might decide to wear bee jewelry as a way to tell others that they are keen to help with the conservation of these important pollinators. According to the good folk at Project Honeybees, their popular bee-inspired jewelry pieces are helping fund vital research into bee conservation.

Other people might always go for big and bold pieces, which will help them to stand out. These extroverts like to be noticed and their jewelry can help them to do this. The introvert on the other hand, might choose to wear the simplest of jewelry items, or none at all, in a bid to stay under the radar.

Showing Off Your Personality with Jewelry

If you want to use jewelry to convey your personality, there are a few things to consider. The first is the type of material that you are wearing. Jewelry is made from more than precious metals and stones. Costume jewelry can be made from beads and even brightly colored feathers, and what you choose will tell people more about who you are.

Simple decorated jewelry and small pieces gives the impression that you are self-assured and don’t need to draw attention to yourself, while larger statement pieces often denote a need for attention.

Those who consider themselves to have a naturalist personality might prefer their jewelry to be made from natural materials such as leather string, decorative stones, and shells. The person with the organized personality might wear matching sets, where their necklace, earrings, and bracelet all have the same theme or style.

Then there are those who shun new pieces of jewelry and prefer to wear vintage pieces to convey their artistic style and free-spirited nature.


The jewelry you wear can say a lot about your personality. Whether you choose jewelry to reflect your personality or not, it does tell others more about what you are like. For example, most people can tell whether or not you are an extrovert or introvert from the type of jewelry you wear.

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