Before proceeding through the steps, picture the last time when you were in depression. What did you do about it? Did you ignore your feelings? Did you watch TV to numb it? Did you have alcohol or chocolate? How did you confront your feelings? Did you make a conscious effort then and transform them or do you just keeping ignoring this all the time? Depression is the numero uno cause of death recently. There are numerous factors to the same. Know that sometimes depression is really hard to address. Sometimes it is way too apparent, sometimes it is subtle. But this issue needs to be addressed and fix before it exacerbates the victim to the worse. It can happen to anyone at any age, and more commonly in teenagers these days. If your teenage child is a victim to this, you can try these tips to talk to them and take them to an online life coach for better handling.

  1. Ask them what’s going on

You may want to break the ice in such a way that it doesn’t add negativity to the current state they are in. Never ask them, “What’s wrong?” Instead ask them, “What’s going on?” Always keep in mind that words are very powerful. The way you frame them can make or break them.

  1. Explore the situation

After they have shared their feelings with you, you need to let them talk it all out with no interruption. You may need to make some effort to ensure that they speak everything so that they can address it. Many people are just focused on fixing it instead of understanding that catharsis is a way to make them feel better. So, never be hasty when trying this step. Let them talk it all out and feel lighter.

  1. Try to neutralize the situation

Once they have spilled their guts, you can say, “Oh, that is frustrating for sure. I can understand why you are feeling so down about it.” It is essential to acknowledge what they feel so that you don’t end up invalidating or devaluing them. Once they have spilled their guts out, by acknowledging what’s going on and your expression on understanding their feeling, it can be helpful in neutralizing the situation and making it easier to be managed.

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