When it comes to skincare, a lot of people get confused where to even begin. It makes sense because there is an overwhelming array of products out there in the beauty market. But, if you’re a beginner at skincare, you should always start slowly and safely. By this we mean you can indulge in some natural skincare right at your home. How do you do that? We’re about to tell you just that.

Natural Skincare Products: Start by investing in some natural products as they won’t contain any harmful chemicals that can damage your skin or worsen your existing skin problems. You don’t need a lot of products to take care of your skin, and so we’re going to recommend a few that are great to start skincare with.

  1. Cleanser: Choose a face cleanser that suits your skin type. Invest in something that contains pure ingredients chosen from nature like coconut oil, honey, milk, lemon, cucumber, grapefruit, macadamia nut oil, etc. It’s very important to first cleanse your skin of all the impurities while also providing your skin with nourishments.
  1. Moisturiser: You always have to moisturise your skin right after you cleanse it each time no matter what the weather or your skin type. The moisturiser is meant to lock in all the moisture back into your skin and keep your skin soft, supple and smooth. You can choose a moisturiser that contains ingredients like oats, petroleum jelly, aloe vera, honey, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, sunflower seed oil, etc.
  1. Face Serum: If you’re dealing with some skin issues, pick a face serum that targets the problem area. There are serums available for all kinds of skin issues like acne, blackheads and whiteheads, fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, pigmentation, and a lot more. You can go for a generic one too that can be used on a daily basis to brighten your skin and make it glow. Some of the everyday face serums include vitamin C serum, blemish clearing serum, hyaluronic hydrating serum, etc.
  1. Exfoliants: Every once in a while, you need to get rid of dead skin cells among other impurities off your skin and one way to do that is by investing in exfoliating gels, creams or water-based solutions that help you achieve smooth and fresh skin. Your natural exfoliants can be finely ground sugar, coffee grounds, finely ground almonds, oatmeal, finely ground sea salt, cinnamon, etc.
  1. Body Oil: The skin on your body also needs as much care as the skin on your face. You need to choose a body oil or body butter that can provide the skin on your body with some much-needed hydration. Always choose either of these products based on what suits your skin type and the season you’re going to use it in. Make sure to moisturise your elbows, feet and neck area too.
  1. Body Mist: It isn’t wrong to smell all fresh and nice at all times and for that, you can buy a natural body mist that won’t irritate your skin. Our recommendation would be the Pure Sense Eternal Fragrance Duo as it contains not one but two types of body mists – Macadamia Body Mist and Grapefruit Body Mist.

– The macadamia body mist has a sweet, nutty fragrance that instantly soothes your senses and also nourishes your skin at the same time.

– The grapefruit body mist refreshes your skin, leaves you smelling divine and uplifts your senses all at the same time.

This body mist duo is quite a nourishing elixir that pampers your skin by keeping it hydrated at every single spritz. This eternal fragrance duo is an instant mood-changer with a long-lasting aromatic blend.

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