Fashion is evolving day by day, and its high time for men to become creative in styling their outfits. For instance, they could experiment with their footwear choice by trying on a pair of Pathani shoes. For a couple of traditional or ethnic-based shoes, your creativity has to be on a greater level as you can not just wake up and rock any bottom, regardless of how it looks. Well, the following styling options will do magic with a pair of Pathani shoes, take a look:

  • Pajamas

Who said you couldn’t rock Pathani shoes with pajamas? Well, if you are looking for comfort, then you should try a straight-cut pyjama. Moreover, pajamas give added room for creativity if you keep the colours and sizes right! You will find many options in Kurtas to be paired with Pajamas. And if you are not comfortable to wear straight-cut pajamas then go for narrow legged ones. Pathani shoes are built for comfort and elegance, to get the right look all you need to do is match the clothing colour tricks, and you’ll be set to go. We would suggest you dress according to the weather and temperature, like for example during hot summer months go for cotton Kurtas and Pyjamas. And during the chilled month wear the long sleeves kurtas along with a puffer jacket.

  • Jeans

A typical bottom that will not miss in any man’s closet is a pair of jeans. The best thing about jeans is that they come in different styles and designs that give you a variety to choose from. For instance, Pathani shoes will do well with almost all types of jeans. Do you wish to pair the footwear with rugged jeans? What about ripped jeans? To rock, this looks all you have to do pair the jeans with a short kurta or a long khadi shirt which will give you the perfect 90’s look. To add a special spice to the look you wear a leather bracelet matching the colour of pathani shoes.

  • Corduroy Pants

Finally, you can go overboard and steal the show with an indo-western corduroy look on leather Pathani shoes. What you’ll need to do is make a perfect colour play or combo, and everything is set for rock! For instance, could you please keep it deep shade on the pair of shoes? As for the corduroy bottom, do not think of going past sober colours. You are not modelling for a fabric company, and so your dress code shouldn’t include shouting colours that draw unnecessary attention in the first place. You can pair it with a short semi-formal or casual shirt and all you need is a designer watch to complete the perfect gentleman look? You need to get one then!

Styling and street fashion sense goes beyond just shoes and the right bottoms. Do you have the right confidence to walk with your head high? The way you present yourself in that fashion dress code really matters. Let us embody what we wear and portray!

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