You know how they say that your shoes and belt should match? The same case applies to watches. You cannot just throw in a watch with any outfit without considering if they complement each other. A watch is not only an accessory to check the time. It is a statement of style and should, therefore enhance your look. You should pay attention to how you style it like you would with other outfit pieces.

If you want to level-up your watch game, here are useful tips for you.

The Watch Details Matter

You have a range of watch options in the market to choose from. The two main limiting factors are your taste and budget. You need a watch that matches your style and identity, and at the same time, it should fit in your budget. The good news is that you do not have to break the bank to own a classy watch. You can checkout trustworthy sites such as Ralph Christian for quality watches at an affordable price. The site gives you access to different watch styles with different colors, artwork and materials. Pay attention to such details to ensure that the details match with your sense of fashion.

Metal or Leather Band Watches?

Each of the band materials has some upsides and drawbacks. For example, metal watchbands provide neutrality. These are the kind of watches that you can wear with any outfit and still look great. However, the metal should always match with other jewelry. For example, if you are into belt buckles, make sure that they match with your choice of watch. A silver-tone belt buckle should be worn with a silver-tone watch.

Leather band watches, on the other hand, are the best for formal wear. You can easily match the color with your shoes and belt. If you have brown shoes, go for a brown band watch or a black one for black shoes.

In this case, the right type will depend on your outfit preference.

Should You Go For Luxury or Dress Watch?

There are luxury watches which you mainly put on to give you that sense of class and elegance. However, they can be limiting mostly due to their size and design. Then there are luxury dress watches, which are made to match nearly all occasions. These watches are characterized by a narrow face and come with different removable straps that you can change for to match different outfits. They are minimalistic and have no fancy chronographs.

If you only plan on owning one watch, a dress watch is the way to go. It allows you to enjoy versatility whether you are on casual or official wear. Whether you are going to the office, business meeting, and casual event or the club, it goes well with anything.

The Color

The right color of a watch depends on the outfit color. Nonetheless, a navy blue or black watch is the way to go because the colors match with nearly all outfit colors. This will save you from buying so many watches in different colors or color crushing, especially if you are not a fashion guru.

With these tips, you can easily select and style your watch even as a beginner. Most importantly, do not forget to source yours from a reliable seller, for quality guarantee.

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