One of the fears which every traveller subconsciously carries is entering an unclean hotel room. Frequent travellers will have experienced the same or must’ve heard about dirty hotels rooms. These rooms don’t just bother those who are a germaphobe, but, they can be hazardous to every guests’ health. However, this may not be the case in 5-star hotels such as The Leela, The Taj Mahal Hotel, or the likes of it.

But, in the prime business duration, many hotels or their staff may tend to skip certain spots of your room. While you can’t be 100% sure if your room is clean, there are ways to check if it is. If you are frequent traveller, you will be able to recognize a fresh-smelling place as compared to a room which has been treated with room fresheners.

In this article, we’ve listed down some of the common places in your room, which you should check to gauge the cleanliness levels of the hotel.


Firstly, linens are something that your skin will come in contact with for more time. Hence you must check the cleanliness, especially when it comes to bedding and linens. Give a keen look if there are any stains or dust spots on your bed. One way to check the cleanliness of the hotel is to know if your beddings and linens are smelling fresh.


Another room to check for cleanliness of a hotel in the bathroom. Apart from mere cleaning, many hotels steam the bath to make it bacteria and germ-free. If not, they install disinfectants in the bathroom to ensure that anybody who visits it gets a clean and germ-free room to use. Once you check into your room, be sure to visit the bathroom and check for sanitizers, toilet rolls, and napkins.


When it comes to checking the cleanliness of a room, curtains are a deciding factor. While beds, bathroom, cushion, etc. can be clean, what one might skip are the curtains. Hence, it is best if you check the curtains for dust or bad odour.


Another crucial aspect which you need to check your room is the dustbin. Sure, the room keeper has taken out the garbage but, there are times when your dustbin bag may not be changed or a thing or two left in the bin. Hence, it is crucial to check the dustbin before you settle in your room.

Dust can be found in the cleanest hotelstoo, and it can have an adverse effect on your health. Hence, you must give the room a good check. If you find dust or dirt anywhere, you can ask the staff to provide you with a new replacement for the same.

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