Covid has taken its toll on everyone’s physical and mental well-being as well as their wallets. After being locked down for months inside their homes, people are finally ready to step out. Travel plans are being devised, and suitcases are getting ready again. All this while paying close attention to personal safety by following health guidelines. To add to your travel pleasures and keep your financials in check, follow these tips to save money when booking domestic flights.

  1. Hide your searches: You may have gotten this advice before from your friends and colleagues, and it is one of the best tips to pay heed to. Airline services and other travel websites make use of your search history and cookies to follow you around. The moment they find you looking for flights for a particular route, the prices on that route increase. But there is nothing to worry about. Just a simple trick can prevent you from such a surge. Whenever you are trying to check the prices of flights for your upcoming trip, make sure you do that in incognito mode. On your browser of choice (Chrome, Mozilla, or any other), press Ctrl+Shift+N (Windows) Cmd+Shift+N (Mac) to surf incognito.
  2. Flexibility goes a long way: Do not fixate on your travel dates. Instead, plan your travel around dates when you are getting the lowest possible fares for to and fro flights. When searching, input the desired month as opposed to a particular date and then scroll through for finding out the best price. Similarly, choosing a weekday flight can save you much money against flying over the weekend.
  3. Use your frequent flyer miles – It is time to cash-in your loyalty points that you have amassed over the years. Loyalty programs offer reward points to their flyers, which get accumulated in your account. Book your flight through the particular platform’s website and choose to convert your mileage points as payment for your upcoming trip.
  4. Volunteer to get compensated – People often step back when it comes to volunteer for something. In the case of flying, volunteering can give you dividends. In the Covid times, all airlines are trying to fly at full capacity. To achieve that, they often overbook a flight assuming that one or more passengers might not turn up. However, in the off chance when everyone arrives, airlines try to move passengers from one flight to another. If you are in no rush, it is best to raise your hand and volunteer on such occasions. Airlines might offer you cash rewards or a free flight voucher for your next trip.
  5. Cabin-only baggage – Flight bookings with cabin-baggage only are almost always cheaper than the full baggage flights. For instance, if you wish to catch flights for a quick trip, such as Mumbai to Hyderabad flights, you may not need to carry check-in baggage. To save more, you can opt for the cabin-baggage only fare in such situations.

Travelling can help you lower your stress levels and get out of the confines you have been in for months. By following the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that you avoid any further financial woes and enjoy your trip peacefully.

Hoping to take a short trip to your favourite domestic destination to shake off the Covid blues? Use these tips to save money when booking flights.

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