People love to stay young and beautiful. Aging leads to several disorders and effects that tarnish the outward look of a person. However, aging is a natural process that will come with time. People can avoid such effects by taking several natural products and supplements. One such supplement that delays the aging process and will make you look young and rejuvenated is collagen.

You will find several sources of collagen on different websites. One such website is thecuddl. You will find several options for collagen products at However, before taking such supplements, you need to know some important facts about collagen. Let us look at some of them.

Different types of collagen

If you do proper research on collagen, you will find sixteen different types of it. Out of these variants, we focus on only three types for preparing supplements. They are Collagen I, Collagen II, and Collagen III. These three types constitute around 80-90% of the collagen in our body. Moreover, a majority of collagen sources are non-vegan. They are mostly from those parts that we do not prefer to eat- bones, fins, skin, cartilages, etc. Those left-over parts are used for preparing collagen supplements. However, there are vegan sources as well.

You can intake collagen supplements in different forms

Collagen supplements come in different forms. These include mostly tablets, capsules, and powders. All these three forms are readily absorbed in our bodies without creating any problem. Most people prefer collagen in powder form due to its various uses. You can mix it with your smoothie, morning coffee, and any other drink. You can even add it to your soup or use it in your baking.

Collagen supplements come in a variety of qualities

Collagen supplements vary in quality. Different qualities are being prepared for different purposes. Most people prefer collagen in the hydrolyzable or peptide form since they are readily digested in our body. The source also determines the quality. Most people prefer to have the bovine source of collagen since they have a more complete set of amino acids. They tend to avoid chicken sources of collagen because they are skeptical about the living conditions of the chicken.

Collagen comes with three major health benefits

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our body. Collagen supplements help to replenish the depleting collagen in our body due to age. They help in building stronger hair and nails, thus providing solutions for hair loss and nail-related problems. Collagen is also one of the building blocks of our bones. Osteoporosis patients are often recommended collagen supplements to restore bone density. They also help in relieving stiffness and joint pains.

Collagen supplements have rejuvenating effects on the skin. They also come with antioxidants that boost the immune system and have anti-aging effects. Therefore, people have several benefits from collagen supplements.

These are some important information on collagen supplements. You will learn more about them at If you are contented with any product, you can choose one from the list provided on that website.

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