As per reports, more than 4000 babies in the nation unexpectedly and suddenly die while sleeping every year, most often due to SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome or strangulation and suffocation. What are the efforts that you can put in for reducing the risk of so many infant deaths? As per the AAP or the American Academy of Pediatrics, they have updated a statement and report which includes proof of the importance of skin-to-skin care for the infants and the study has also addressed the necessity of using in-bed sleepers or bedside sleepers which adds to create a safe sleeping environment.

It is fortunate enough that parents currently have a wide array of bedtime options for their kids, from cots to adult bed to self-rocking cradles from which they can choose the best options with regards to the safety of their child. You also get baby cots for sale at the best baby product stores but before you invest in them, here are few things you should know.

Risks to avoid while sleeping

Babies under the age of 1 year are always at a risk of SIDS, as mentioned earlier, particularly the ones who are less than 6 months. This phenomenon is not caused due to any medication or infection and it can’t even be spread but it is listed to be the most important cause of infant deaths. Few things that boost the chances of SIDS are premature birth, exposure to smoking post birth, exposure to drugs and alcohol before birth and any kind of infection.

Sharing your room with your kid

Experts reveal that babies should always sleep in their parent’s room, at least for the initial 6 months or even better, till their first birthday. Statistics reveal that sharing rooms can reduce the risk of SIDS by 50% as you can keep a close look on the comfort of the baby and keep feeding him whenever he needs to be fed. But as he needs his own space, you can buy bassinets or cribs or co-sleepers which are a separate bed that has been attached to your bed. This is important as babies should never sleep in the same bed as that of their parents.

Secure bedding for your kid

Your baby should rest in a co-sleeper, crib or bassinet which is free of everything else apart from your baby. There should be no quilts, bumper pads, pillows, blankets, positioning devices, soft toys or reachable toys. The mattress should be firm and you should always use a tight-fitted sheet. If you choose a soft bedding by mistake, this can block his airways and lead to SIDS.

What sort of covers and clothes should you buy your kid?

What is the sort of dress which is perfect for bedtime? A sleep sack or a one-piece sleeper is the best possible alternative. Whether or not it is thick or lightweight, that depends on the season.

Therefore, now that you know the ways in which you can put your baby to safe sleep, you should follow them to the ‘T’ to prevent any illness or accident to your kid.

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