Human beings have various body shapes and sizes. The key to dressing yourself is to find something that flatters your particular body type. Understand your body proportions, and using your fashion sense to highlight your best features.

 How can you dress the apple body type? 

  • If want to be successful in dressing the apple body, direct attention should be taken away from the midriff & focus should be on the other flattering parts. Collar t-shirts, full sleeves, bralette top online, India has many platforms such as dash and dot that can help you pick exactly the right things for you.
  • Take the attention away from the waist, shoulders, and arms – go for button-down collar t-shirts, full sleeves, and bring attention to the neck & bust
  • Go for flared lowers instead of skinny or straight-leg jeans, trousers, jeggings, etc. This needs to be done to help strike a balance with the heavy upper body and wide shoulders. The lowers should be worn in such a way that it does not accentuate the midriff – ideally, wear them just below the hipbone.
  • Don’t choose dresses or belts that tighten at the waist. This tends to accentuate the curves that you don’t want to show off.
  • If you want to conceal some curves, wear flowy tops or dark-colored clothing.

How can you dress the pear body type? 

The key to dressing a pear body type is ensuring that anything you wear enhances your bust and shoulder area. The lower body should be minimally dressed and all the attention needs to be focused on the upper half.

  • Your focus needs to be on choosing things that make your butt and hips slimmer.
  • Go for tops that bring out your shoulders. You can get these after trying them on or buy the off-shoulder, wide necks, bralette top online, India’s e-commerce platforms offer try and buy and easy returns.
  • Don’t pick tights, jeggings, or pants that tend to make your legs look narrow
  • Select a push-up bra or any bra/bralette that highlight the bust area
  • Go for boot cut, slightly- flared, or straight-leg pants along with heels. If you wear skinny lower, they tend to hug your ankles making your lower body look like an inverted triangle.

How can you dress the straight body type? 

Straight body structures or rectangular body types are devoid of curves. Your body is thin and long so the focus here is to flatter your thin profile by wearing clothes that bring out some top and bottom curves.

  • People with this body type can highlight their waist by wearing a tight belt or high-waisted pants with a top that fits right above the waist to overstress the curves.
  • This body type can play around with frills, ruffles, cowl necks as they add volume and texture to the figure. For example, a dress that has frills or is voluminous at the top accentuates the bust making it look slightly bigger.
  • Don’t choose ill-fitted clothing such as baggy jeans, loose shirts, bermudas etc. Go for skinny jeans, jeggings, athleisure made for women while you work out.
  • This body type can wear colorful, printed, and fun clothes like neon tights, miniskirts that highlight the long legs. Short dresses and fitted clothes also give more shape to this body type.
  • Another thing you can go for to add shape to your body type is shape wear undergarments that lots of brands have launched.

How can you dress the hourglass body?

Don’t go for clothes that make you appear “boxy”. This body type is blessed with splendid curves, so bring them out.

  • The waist should be the main point of focus when you start to dress. Opt for snug clothes and accessorize the narrow waist that you have. Drawing attention to the tiny waist, highlight the curves in the rest of the body
  • Choose tailored and fitted clothing as that is flattering. Don’t go for oversized, bulky, and shapeless clothing like kaftans or loose maxi dresses as they overplay the top making you look bigger or pregnant.
  • Accentuating the waist will strike a balance between the top and bottom. Since you are well endowed go for a supportive bra.
  • Choose dresses and blouses with slightly v necks. Although most of the necklines work, V-necks are the most flattering.

No matter the body type, wear everything with confidence and stay comfortable.

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