Based on this adage, it seemed natural to tell you more about the new “hair” trend. Formerly the prerogative of major feminist meetings, the square is making its big comeback this season. Zoom on this timeless.

Square cut hair

Great hair trend and not the least: the square. Certain logic is essential in the midst of a revival of the 60s: after the explosion of very “courageous” cover dresses and orange, it was inevitable to see this flagship cut appear, so representative. At the MyWorldApart blog you will find the best option for the dame now.

The popular square

Whether plunging, long or tapered, the square will be the trend for next year. Less offensive than during its heyday, it sees itself modernized: more fluid, more flexible definitely more glamorous. The square has become the main attribute of the contemporary woman and sure of her femininity.

  • It’s simple, this winter the square is adopted by everyone, from Christian Lacroix to Yamamoto, he was on all the parades. Be careful however, with such success, a certain pragmatism is necessary. Even if it seduces many women, the square does not go to all heads. Its very structured side constrains to a certain Nordic stiffness, therefore exit curly or wavy hair.
  • However, it is suitable for each type of face. If you have a rather round face, prefer long or plunging squares. They will refine you. If, on the contrary, your lines are rather long, all the squares. You can afford it all with a little advantage in the square bob that gently frames the face and gives you an outrageously glamorous retro feel.
  • Round, square, elongated or even oval face, to each face morphology correspond hairstyles allowing to highlight the features and to balance your physiognomy. Discover all our tips for choosing your new cut without faux-pas and find a tailor-made hairstyle.

What cut at what age?

What cut at what age?It’s not always easy to find the hairstyle that suits us. What cuts to adopt at 20, 30, 40, 50 or even 60 years? Discover our tips for having the right cut at the right age.

A hairstyle for each face morphology

A hairstyle for each face morphologyYou no longer want to go to the hairdresser with the anxiety of going out unhappy because the result does not suit you? Good news . You just need to know a few tips to find the hairstyle that will fit you, taking into account the shape of your face.

Morphology of the face and haircut

Morphology of the face and haircutThe ideal haircut, everyone dreams of it. To be sure not to make a mistake, Doctissimo becomes your home stylist. The square, the fringe or the curls, you will know everything: what you can afford and what you must forget. Thanks to the morphocoiffure, you have the most harmonious haircuts.

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