Canada has become famous throughout the world for its beautiful ski destinations. The reason is that Canada has long winters and due to this, it offers picturesque landscape with premier facilities. Countless tourists come to Canada to enjoy popular ski resorts.

As most of North Canada is a mountainous region, there are a number of quality ski destinations which one can enjoy but most of the accessible ski destinations are located in Alberta and British Columbia. Here is the information of few popular resorts which can help you to select the best ski resort in Canada:

  1. British Columbia: British Columbia is the top most destinations for ski resort as it has multiple ski destinations compared to other parts of Canada. This province also has the biggest ski resort in whole of North America known as Whistler Blackcomb. 

It takes just two hours by road to reach Whistler ski resort from Vancouver. The easy accessibility makes it more popular among the tourists. With more than 200 runs, it seems that the whole city is turned into a ski destination. Even in the busiest days, people can find a place for skiing in this resort. Whistler was also one of the main venues for Winter Olympics 2010. If you are looking for both quality and quantity, then Whistler can be your destination for skiing.

  1. Grouse Mountain: This is another ski resort near Vancouver. If you are staying in Vancouver, you will need only 20 minutes to reach Grouse Mountains from downtown. Although it has a limited number of runs, it offers a great skiing experience to those who want to enjoy skiing only for some time while staying in city. It is open till late hours, so if you who want to ski in the night, this place is for you.
  1. Alberta Ski Resorts: Skiing in Alberta: Alberta has the longest snow season in Canada and its slopes are also full of sunlight. Banff Sunshine, Mt. Norquay, and Lake Louise are some of the most popular ski resort in Alberta. Since all of these resorts are located in Banff National Park, they are known as “Big 3.” Although all are famous with their premier facilities; you can use lifts at the “Big 3” pass on discounted rates.
  1. Ski Resort of Quebec: Although this province does not boost of very high mountain ranges like Alberta or British Columbia, you definitely can enjoy some of the best ski resorts of Canada here. It is a real heaven for skiing for the people living in the Eastern coastal areas because of its easy accessibility from there. While travelling to Quebec City or Montreal, you will find a number of quality resorts within short distance from either location.

There is Jasper National Park in the further north Marmot Basin. It will take least 4 hours to reach there from Banff but when you see the slopes lined up with trees, groomed runs, and a range of mountains, you will appreciate your effort.

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