When your hairline starts receding, your attention begins going on FUE hair transplants. FUE stands for Follicular unit extraction and its popularity is growing day by day. Modern FUE hair transplant techniques are famous in both men and women, and they’re used to permanently redistribute growing hair follicles to scalp thinning areas. However, some people do not bother seeing more strands on the pillow every day and whose hairlines are creeping back. In such cases, they can lose all their hair if proper treatment or FUE Hair Transplant isn’t done on time. So, here we share a few effective ways besides FUE Hair Transplants that can prevent your hair before it’s all gone:

  • Take Vitamins

Having multivitamins for getting back your lost hair is always not helpful when your hair losses are genetic. But, supplements may get back your hair on track if your hair fall is being caused by the deprivation or other nutritional deficits. Usually, the hair loss is associated with a shortage of protein, zinc, folic acid, and iron.  Make sure to have a word with a professional before taking any supplement, as overdosing and without prescript supplements may harm you’re well being.

  • Use The Best Shampoo

Now it’s time to upgrade your shampoo if you have hair fall. No, shampoos will not work with “Miracle Baldness Cure,” but a carefully prepared brand can help to slow down hair fall and keep your hair in a great condition. Search for shampoos that contain scalp nutrition and stimulation vitamins and minerals.

  • Medications

You might have heard about Rogaine, a therapy, or Propecia in a pill shape. Propecia is only recommended for men. Consult with your hair transplant surgeon about the risks and its advantages. Only a surgeon can determine the correct things for you and prescribe the best that suits your scalp. Propecia is only recommended for men. Many males report advantages such as hair retention and even back growing, while others get benefits till stop using it.

  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Lasers are high-tech and modern technologies but are a non-invasive, comfortable alternative for hair loss. The hair volume and density and retention aid are increased several times a week by the use of LLLT in the form of specific pebs or helmets. Theradome is accessible at home from the THTC.

Several hair transplant surgeons in Toronto provide a variety of treatments at all phases of hair loss for males and females. Consult the most experienced and best physician to talk about your hair fall issue and the next steps.

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