For the person who is always on your mind, find her a surprise gift that shows just how much you care. And do it with style. Then, she will surely appreciate the time and thought even more than the present itself.

  1. Geode Candy Set

What makes this a great present is that it shows you took the time to find her gifts online she actually needed in life. And it’s two gifts in one! She’ll love the taste of the candies and the intricate beauty of the Geode.

Ideal for girls who love their sweets, this gift set is sure to be a hit. The candies come in an assortment of flavors. And the Geode is handmade, so it’s one of a kind. She’ll love showing off her unique present.

  1. Scented Diffuser Set

Is she into aromatherapy and essential oils? Get her this surprise gift set. It comes with a diffuser and ten different scents. There’s something for every mood and season. It is the gift that shows you know her taste in scents.

  1. DIY Makeup Kit

If your girlfriend loves makeup, she’ll be thrilled with this surprise gift. She’ll have everything she needs to create a variety of looks while having fun at the same time. It’s all about giving her the chance to let her creative juices flow.

Just a little tip for you — remind her that she is still gorgeous even without makeup.

  1. Therapy Ball Set

This is a no-fuss gift set that shows you know her well. The set comes with a massage ball, exfoliating gloves, and a rollerball of lotion. Perfect for her to get rid of tension or just relax. There’s something in it for anyone who likes to get massages.

  1. Starry Starry Night

A stellar surprise gift for the girlfriend who loves to learn about space! She’ll enjoy gazing at the stars every night. This set comes with a sky map, telescope, and constellation guide. Your girlfriend will be intrigued as she learns more about the universe (although she’s your universe).

  1. A box of chocolate assortment

Give your girlfriend a healthy gift box of chocolates, and she’ll be impressed with the variety and attention to detail. Choose from dark, milk, white, and nutty chocolates to find something that works for her.

Make sure you tell her why you chose those particular flavors. But don’t forget to include some flowers, paper, and a gift card.

  1. A touch of a pink gift set

This is the gift she’ll use every day. It comes with a brush, lotion, and lip gloss for her to touch up her makeup on the go—a perfect gift for the beauty-inclined girlfriend.

  1. A box of colorful pens

Is your girlfriend a writer? She’ll be excited to find a set of pens in her favorite colors. This pretty gift set shows you’re paying attention to details and know how much she loves her pens.


Any woman on your shopping list can enjoy these eye-pleasing surprise gifts for girlfriends. You may want to give her more than one of these presents if you’re looking for a truly special gift.

Happy shopping!

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