Dubai is perhaps the most famous traveller destination on the planet. But there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you go there. Here are some of them:

Best Time To Visit:-

Dubai has only two seasons, hot and hotter. The best and ideal opportunity to visit Dubai would be from October to April. As winter approaches, it brings blue skies and perfect beach weather to the city. It also rains on occasion, but only for a short duration. It is possible to reserve decent hotels near some of the main attractions. As a result, this aspect will have no bearing on your travel.

  1. Book Flights Prior:-

It is said that international flights generally release the tickets to cheap flights 6 months before the departure dates. But that does not mean you will book a ticket ahead of time. It is better to start looking and comparing the ticket price before your trip. It is always recommended to book tickets at least 1 month in advance.

  1. Book Hotel in Advance:-

Never directly jump into booking an expensive hotel on arrival or even before landing in Dubai. Make sure to consider your budget and research before booking the hotel for your accommodation. As Dubai brings something to the table for everybody. However, it is recommended to book your tickets in advance to avoid chaos.

The flight and hotels are cheaper during summer. But you would boil, so it is recommended to avoid travelling to Dubai during this season.

  1. Be Modest While Dressing Up:-

One can dress up as much as they like because Dubai is a fashionable city. But make sure not to hurt the sentiments of the host city. Clothing of women is considered indecent if it is short, tight, or transparent. While men should not roam around the country without a shirt or t-shirt on it. Furthermore, the temperature is usually scorching most of the time. So, unless you would like your skin to be burned up with harmful UV rays. It is better to cover up. Dress modestly to keep the unwanted attention away and also respect the Muslim culture.

  1. Take Picture With Permission:-

Visiting the most hyped city in the world and not clicking a photo is a sin. It is all right to take a scenic shot in a tourist spot, but here are some pointers for all photographers. Take no pictures of or with strangers unless they give you their permission. Never photograph a Muslim woman without her consent, and never photograph the military, government buildings, or airports.

  1. Avoid PDA

Public Display of Affection is offensive in Dubai. In the past, many have been arrested for showing PDA in public. So avoid kissing or holding the hand of your significant other while travelling or in public. Also, swearing in public places can put you behind the bar. The “F” word is also misunderstood. Any mention of religion should be avoided as well.

  1. Be Careful While Consuming Alcohol

Alcohol is legal in Dubai but drinking alcohol in public, drinking, and driving is prohibited. Furthermore, you cannot purchase alcohol for personal consumption without permission. But can obtain one from a licensed facility. It is acceptable to buy a drink in a pub or restaurant. Do not attempt to leave when inebriated.

Dubai is happening if you know which place to visit. As long as you follow the above tips, you are sure to have a wonderful time in Dubai.

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