Locals in Portland cannot help but profit from the fact that coffee is taken so seriously in the city. It’s mind-blowing how much expertise Portland baristas have in selecting, roasting, and brewing coffee. Did you know that Portland consistently ranks as America’s top beer city? Given the 58 breweries in the city, this should not be shocking. While debating whether coming to Portland is the best decision for you, get a flight from any of the local breweries and find yourself confused by the nice depth of intriguing notes and flavors. Affordability once made living in Portland a viable option, but since Portland houses for sale costs have skyrocketed over the past ten years, this is no longer the case. Since Portland’s property market has grown in recent years, decent starter homes (which need some TLC) start at roughly $500,000 on average. Be sure to check out these 5 weird outdoor adventures exclusive to Portland.

1. Visit the Clown Room

The Funhouse Lounge offers distinctive nightly performances like Dominatrix Improv or Burlesque Stand-up Comedy, which by themselves would qualify it for our list of odd things to do in Portland. For those coulrophobiacs out there, this is certain to cause nightmares.

2. PDX Carpet

The PDX carpet became well-known because of its distinctive style and the popularity of the stocking foot selfie. It was the peculiar but traditional coming-or-going signal on social networking. The majority of the Portland airport’s famed carpet has been replaced with a more modern version, however Terminal A still has a small portion of the original, legendary carpet. And if you really want your classic photograph of the Portland International Airport carpet to be stunning, get a pair of socks with a PDX carpet pattern to wear while taking the picture!

3. Sleep in Haunted Hotel

Visitors have described feeling as though someone was crawling into bed with them, experiencing cold spots, hearing odd noises, and seeing hazy faces peering out of the darkness. The paranormal activity is particularly strong in rooms 703, 803, and 1003. If you dare, stay there while you’re in Portland.

4. Chapman School

Thousands of Vaux’s Swifts congregate each year in late August in order to migrate to Venezuela and Central America. And one particular location that one rapid population has been picking is a chimney at Chapman School in Portland since the 1980s. One hour before dusk, hundreds of people congregate on the school’s lawn to observe the swifts flying in unison.

5. Wish Tree

For years, people have loved making their own wishes or reading others’ on this tree on Portland’s Northeast Seventh Avenue. Write down yours on a manila tag, then attach it to the trunk. It’s bound to happen…

6. Huber’s

Huber’s serves excellent dining, which is pricey, but if you go to the bar in the back, you’ll find a more relaxed setting with some of Portland’s best Spanish coffee. Your coffee is made with a lot of fanfare by the waitresses. They will bring a tray to your table, set items on fire, and pour alcohol into your glass from far above them. You should videotape this, so get out your phone! (Also, remember to give your server a tip).

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