A majority of independent properties have been losing out on businesses for a sole and simple reason: poorly designed hotel websites. They’re neither optimized nor convert interested travelers into confirmed guests.

There are some hotels, however, that have found the secret to designing attractive websites that drive direct bookings.

We’ve listed down the top six hotel booking apps and websites that have been inspiring travelers to book instead of bounce:

  • Goibibo

This hotel booking app combines digital curb appeal with a smart direct booking bid that gets straight to the point: book on their official website. This direct booking promotion is smart, visually attractive, and intuitive.

Goibibo’s messaging of the direct booking promotion itself is minimal and compelling. All the elements like images, messaging, and layout—support the others, and people are enticed by the advantages of booking directly as a result.

  • Trivago

Many hotels app fail to give each and every room the attention it deserves on their website. This is a big mistake. Each room is different in its own way, and travelers wish to explore all options to make an informed decision. It is pretty much straightforward.

Trivago understands this more than most hotel booking apps. So, instead of displaying a general photo gallery that shows everything from the doorknob to the hallways, they’ve used wide-angle shots of each room. They’ve then paired these images with the size and price of the rooms. This approach gives travelers a fair idea about the most sought-after details clearly in a single place.

  • MakeMyTrip

This website has transformed the way people in India travel and book luxurious hotels at inexpensive prices. This is exactly what added MakeMyTrip to the top of the list of India’s top hotel booking websites.

It is also a great option to purchase online honeymoon vacation packages, business trip packages, and other travel services. And the best part? The MakeMyTrip website has a variety of hotels ranging from premium to affordable, which one may book according to their budget.

  • Oyo

Their website design is pretty great!  The homepage only contains what the guests actually want to see. The site’s aesthetic is clean and refined. Text is to the point, while the carousel of hotel images is fetching and well-timed. So, travelers instantly understand why they want to book a hotel on this app and how to do it.

Apart from this, guests can also check out the current OYO holiday packages, as well as OYO’s particular package for business travels in India, through the easy-to-use portal of OYO Rooms.

  • com

Now, this website has a way with words and it’s drumming up business. Instead of stating the obvious, they go with text that is emotive and benefit-driven for the potential guest. This approach to hotel web design helps guests picture themselves in that specific hotel. This, in turn, encourages them to click through, explore, and book a hotel rather than bounce.

The portal’s easy-to-navigate structure also ensures an excellent user experience. Besides, the website also provides the most recent Booking.com coupons and discount offers to help people save money on hotel reservations for any vacation.

  • Expedia

Of all the hotel websites on this list, Expedia, a popular hotel booking app has perhaps the most stunning digital curb appeal.

Whenever you land on the hotel’s homepage, guests are pulled in further by the high-quality carousel of hotel images showcasing the impressive entrance and luxurious amenities.

In a nutshell, if you are planning a vacation or going on a trip, get help from the above-mentioned best hotel booking sites in India that offer a variety of services and more. They will provide you with the best facilities to plan a comfortable and memorable trip.

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