The royalty of a Sharara dress can’t be ignored. Originally worn by queens and princesses in Persia and Iran centuries ago, this type of extravagant style is now a favourite among women all over the world. These are best suited for Muslim wedding functions and festivals like ‘Eid’, and even many Hindu women don them to show respect for the culture. But what is it about this amazing salwar suit that they love so much? Let’s give you an idea.

The floor-sweeping bottoms

These evoke a sense of sophistication while enhancing the feminine shape. Women having long, slim legs look exceptionally beautiful in these palazzo-like bottoms, embellished to make them look more gorgeous. No matter what your body type is, the sharara bottoms can make you look slimmer. However, you may face a little difficulty in walking but if you wear high heels, you won’t have to lift the salwar every time you sit down or climb the stairs.

The short but sophisticated kurta

Many women have a thing for short kurtas and long bottoms, and the sharara dresses provide you with just that. The short, tight-fitted kurtas help you hide your flabs or enhance your figure if you are slimmer. As the short kurtas are paired with the flared bottoms, they create an overall flowing appearance, which suits every woman.

The embellished dupatta

The sharara dresses come with beautiful, long, embellished dupattas that you can carry as you like. But most women like to pin it on their shoulders and let it flow naturally behind. The best thing about the dupattas is, however, not their length, but the embellishments. You can see such designs on Punjabi dupattas, which enhances the beauty of the entire outfit.

The deep neckline

Most of the sharara kurtas have deep necklines, allowing you to flaunt your jewellery more distinctly. You can don an exquisitely beautiful, stone-studded necklace to create a charming appearance or you can go for a thin string of pearls, depending on your individual preferences. However, a heavy gold or artificial jewellery will cover the entire space between your neckline and your collarbone, making you look drop-dead gorgeous.

Are you planning to buy Sharara suits online? Make sure you pick one according to your body type and skin tone to create an unforgettable impression. And don’t forget to pair it up with long earrings, ‘jhoomar’ (a kind of head jewellery) and ‘nathni’ (nose ring) to complete the look.

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